Smart Factory


Factory.AI (SF100) combines cameras and AI to detect objects and generate collision detection alarms. It assesses the risk of collision in real-time and alerts users with alarms when people and vehicles enter or pass through factory gates. Factory.AI (SF100) is specifically designed to warn of potential danger and thereby help prevent collisions from occurring.

An intelligent object detection camera uses advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning to detect and identify objects in its field of view. It can share identified objects from each camera and sound alarms to warn the factory workers of potential collisions or accidents.

These cameras are designed for various purposes, including security and surveillance, traffic monitoring, and ensuring safe factories. They can detect and recognize specific objects or patterns and are often configured to trigger alarms or take other actions based on the detected objects. Specifically, This camera is used to detect vehicles and predefined objects such as people, motorcycles, and cars.

Cost Efficiency

Simplified Installation



The PoE Switch Hub saves you on equipment costs and installation time, and it can power and connect devices in remote or hard-to-reach locations where power outlets may be limited. Additionally, it enables easy scalability, reducing the need for additional power supplies and cables. This can result in significant cost savings, especially in large-scale deployments.

SF 100 System

❶ Intelligent object detection camera
  • Detects incoming and outgoing vehicles
  • Only detects pre-defined objects such as people, motorcycles, and cars.
❷ Collision prevention signal sound device
  • Analyzes the movement of detected objects
  • to generate collision prevention signals or sound.
❸ PoE switch HUB
  • Simplified installation
  • Cost efficiency
  • Flexibility and scalability